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VAUDEVILLE MUSIC REVIEW: The Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles


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The Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles


Electroswing is blowing up in Los Angeles, and these blokes have their cuff links on the ignition switch.


The Gentlemen Callers at The Edwardian Ball in Los AngelesThe Gentlemen Callers at the Edwardian Ball in LA

THE GENTLEMEN CALLERS is the latest project from the production team of Atom Smith & Buck Down.

If you have a toe in the west coast Burning Man community, you may have heard of these cats before. The duo is most famous for their decade long stint as the writers, arrangers and producers of the 20 piece electro-funk circus THE MUTAYTOR.

And now they’ve crossed over to the DAPPER SIDE with their new electroswing project!


Instead of producing their debut album in one fail swoop, these gents are doing something extraordinary. Every month they release a new originally produced single with the intention of creating an entire album throughout the duration of 2014. I have to say, they are off to a good start! Follow them on Soundcloud to grab their monthly steeze.


In the meantime, listen and download The Gentlemen Caller’s first mixtape recorded from their set at The Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles. Many songs are original productions, but take note of their unique mixing skills bringing in short spurts of classic electroswing tracks with fresh cuts and edits that keep the groove moving through the entire hour of musical vaudeville entertainment with a steady house beat.


The Gentlemen Callers are 100% Flapper Dapper Approved!

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