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Tales From The Edwardian Ball


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Steampunk Chic meets turn of the century Edwardian Elegance at this fashion frenzy event that happens every year in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“The 14th Annual Edwardian Ball in San Francisco was like walking out of a time machine into Moulin Rouge in 2020!” ~ Shakti Bliss

Read this dashing first hand account from backstage at The Edwardian Ball by Shakti Bliss, a featured artist at the SOLD OUT event at the historic Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.

Shakti Bliss at the Edwardian BallHalf my closet was on the floor of my bedroom before I finally decided on the perfect, simple costume that would represent my character for the weekend, inspired by the artwork and stories of Edward Gorey….

Our taxi dropped us off in front of a line wrapping around the Recency Ballroom. The buzz of anticipation was tangible, dapper queens and kings in every direction looking absolutely FABULOUS…

As I climbed the ancient staircase backstage I could only wonder what other timeless vaudeville performers and musicians once played in this same theater. Ghosts whisper memories in my ears and I take the last narrow metal walkway up to my private waiting room complete with a chaise lounge and dressing mirror…



Ed Ball SF 2014

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