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“My Week With Marilyn” A Film Review on Hollywood’s Goddess of Love


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An Innocent Glimpse At An Iconic Sex Kitten We Simply Cannot Resist Loving Unconditionally


“My Week With Marilyn” is one of those cinematic fictional documentary flicks based on a true story abut one snappy dressed to impress young gent who accidentally lands his dream job on a movie set with the biggest beauty icon of all time: Marilyn Monroe.


It is produced by a British Film Company with smashing British actors, so without much introduction this film is already irresistibly vintage DAPPER CHIC. Even though it takes place in the mid-50s, Londoner’s are irrefutably the most Dapper people on the planet, so I was entertained from the get go.


This film shows another side of Marilyn that we don’t often get to see in other documentaries.

My image of her had either been of her hamming it up in front of the crowd like an uber confident sex goddess; or in the back room curled up in a ball on the floor with mascara leaking down her face as she pops pills and goes off the deep end.

But here in this film we get a taste of her rawness as a woman intimidated by her own impression in the mirror. A little girl wishing to be a Hollywood movie star, but honestly kinda sucks at it. And her questionable insanity from all those damn pills she took. Frankly, the sweet thing was a little batty!

My-Week-with-Marilyn3All that being said, Marilyn is pure magic. For when she gets it “right”… all time stands still, the world stops spinning, and not a soul in this world can take their eyes off of her. She is pure divine sensual beauty, this era’s incarnation of the Goddess Aphrodite herself.

I am under the impression that Marilyn was a lot like Bettie Page in a way: so clueless of her immortal iconic beauty that she lived in bubble of oblivious innocence.

That is why we love her so much above all others: She honestly does not know how hot she is, which makes her even hotter!

I shall not give you the full report as I truly do want you to watch this film yourself and not spoil the main plot, which actually revolves around the strong male lead co-stars. I found the film on Netflix, so I highly recommend you pull it up on your computer machine and prepare to fall even more deeply in love with America’s sweetheart, Miss Marilyn Monroe.

Shakti Bliss


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