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14th Annual Edwardian Ball Featuring Shakti Bliss and More!


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2014 Edwardian Ball

The Edwardian Ball: An elegant, whimsical celebration of music, art, theatre, dance, circus, fashion, gaming, and of course, the art & stories of Edward Gorey!

“The quintessential must-never-miss event of the year!” -SF Weekly

Shakti Bliss will be part of the musical entertainment and dance party for the evening mashing up 1920s style swing music with modern electronic beats. There will be performance both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Not to be missed!

Here is a little peak from last year. See my artist bio HERE!

Shakti Bliss at the Edwardian Ball

Tickets, media, resources, info: http://www.edwardianball.com

Seeing is believing! http://bit.ly/edwardianvideo

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheEdwardianBall

Questions? queries@edwardianball.com

xox ~SB

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