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BOOK OF LOVE: Why Lindsay Benner is Vaudeville’s New Comedy Queen


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Vaudeville is making it’s comeback in Los Angeles, and Lindsay Benner is our new Queen.

Authentic tear inducing comedy, talented juggling tricks, audience participation and on the spot live improve makes Lindsay Benner’s “Book of Love” performance on the hot list of LA entertainment and nightlife.

“Lindsay’s performances showcase her wide variety of skills, which range from acting to physical comedy to juggling. But her greatest skill of all is that rare ability to connect with her audience and bring them the joy and wonder of the present moment. If you have the chance to see Lindsay perform live, you are in for a treat!”

I had the honor of DJing the Electro Swing after party for one of Lindsay’s “Book of Love” shows in 2013, and I gotta tell you… I fell madly in love with her! For one hour I was completely mesmerized by her talent of story telling without saying one word. And it is a story about LOVE, one that we all can relate to!

In fact, she leads us on this journey with one special story telling tool: JUGGLING BALLS.

Yes, I said BALLS. One woman, in a sexy red dress, with lots and lots of balls falling out of her bosom.

In my personal history of performance, both on stage and off, I know first hand how challenging it is to hold the audience’s attention for more than a minute. This woman has you engaged for an entire hour… and leaves you begging for more!

Lindsay will be offering two special performances called “The Hidden Holiday Review” in Los Angeles at the Red Loft on December 2oth and December 21st, 2013. Highly recommended! xox ~SB

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