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How The New American Social Revolution Will Begin With Dapper Fashion and a Fancy Hat


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It’s time for a Dapper Flapper Fashion Revolution…

Why did American’s lose their class? Their style? Their fashionable respect for society functions? What happened to the ritual of treating a night out on the town as something special to present yourself for?

I went to the theater one evening with my mother and daughter. It was Saturday, the closing night of the play. My daughter and I were the ONLY ones in fancy dresses (other than the actresses on stage, a melodrama, quite charming it was!). Everyone else was wearing blue jeans, even the old people wore casual slacks, some attendees were in sweatpants, one teen was in her pajamas!

Call me old fashioned, but I feel like a fashion revolutionary in this modern sloppy age. I am often the best dressed person in the room, sometimes to the point of discomfort. It saddens me that American’s have lost awareness around the magic of “dressing out” and presenting oneself well for a society function.

Perhaps I was born in the wrong era? Or maybe I am here to remind people that the art of fashion and self-care can be a personal growth practice that effects everyone around you. It shifts the vibration in the room. It shows how you care for yourself on the inside. Overdone (like the hootchie mamas in tube dresses and high heels they can’t walk in on the Hollywood strip), or underdone (like the people I see wearing bathroom slippers to grocery store).

My intentions are not superficial per say. I choose to live as a conscious radiant being of unique self expression. It is my practice of self love. It is a tool of inspiration for those around me. Perhaps you can call me judgmental (surely I am to a point), but it is that fire of judgment that creates awareness and change.

Stagnancy is sweat pants on a Saturday night. I celebrate my personal evolution with a fresh pair of pantyhose.

In the meantime I will wait for the time machine to pick me up and drop me back in an era when downtown Los Angeles was classy and men actually escorted ladies to the theater in a three piece suit and tie, top hat taboot. Swoon.

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