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Shakti BlissGreetings Ravishing Ladies and Dapperlicious Gentlemen,

I am Shakti Bliss, a female Electroswing DJ, Fashionista and Vaudeville Entertainer based in sunny Southern California with an uncanny infatuation with Everything Flapper Dapper!

I am blessed to live a mile from the beach and a short drive to Los Angeles where I often rock the stage playing my unique style of “Dirty Electro Swing” music mashing up vintage 1920’s swing and jazz with dirty modern house and electronic beats.

Listen to my music here: www.djshaktibliss.com

I hand stitch my hats and accessories as I watch old black and white movies and listen to pop music from the 1930’s. Every item you see in my store is one of a kind and handmade by yours truly! My favorite colors are red, black, white, gold and silver with vintage lace and pearls, a styling which you can see across all my designs.

On top of it all, I keep a lively blog on everything flapper dapper in vintage entertainment, fashion, music, movies, culture and the bohemian way. Read it, comment and repost online!

My Grandpa Gil


My grandparents were semi-famous vaudeville musicians rumored to have run with “The Rat Pack” and toured with the USO during the war providing entertainment for the troupes with burlesque dancing girls, big band swing ensembles, and circus acts.

My grandpa was once featured on the Ed Sullivan Show! Isn’t he just dreamy handsome?

I’ve been stitching and crafting since I was a toddler following a lineage of seamstresses and quilt makers. My grandmother use to make gowns for Hollywood stars. I LOVE the silver screen, don’t you?

dirty swing white

I cannot logically explain my infatuation with the flapper era, vaudeville entertainment and swing music. It just is. “IT” is in my blood.

Like my grandparents, there’s no business but show business for me…

As a DJ and Entertainer, I have been honored to collaborate with illustrious circus troupes such as Lucent Dossier, Vau De Vire Society and The Edwardian Ball, all of which was once just a daydream and lofty ambition… now a DREAM COME TRUE!

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I believe all our dreams can come true if we follow our passion, choose our highest excitement, work hard with as much creativity and bliss we can muster…

and allow magic and a good hat to do the rest!

Shakti Bliss Boutique

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