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VINTAGE TIPS: How The Position of a Bow In Your Hair Reveals Your Dating Status


Feb 8, 2014 Flapper Dapper Lifestyle, Vintage Flashbacks, Vintage Style Guide , , , , , , , , , , 0 Comments

Did you know that the position of where you wear a bow in your hair actually reveals your dating status?

If you wear it on the SIDE of your head, it means you are taken.

If you wear it on the BACK of your head, it means you are NOT interested in men. IE: healing a heartbreak, single and wanna keep it that way, or perhaps leaning towards “tipping the velvet”?

But if you are out on the hunt for a new lover, ladies take note and wear that bow ON TOP of your head!

Same goes for our FLAPPER DAPPER HATS. If you are happy and in love, wear them tipped to one side of the head. But if you are on the prowl, position that baby smack dab on the TOP!


I found this gem from Vintage Life Magazine. Re-pin this baby on My Pinterest Page!

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